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Before we send you to our online database here are a few pointers:


1) We don't have online ordering!  This database is just a reflection of what we have had in the past and may have on hand currently!


2) Feel free to peruse though and make of list of things you're interested in.  The prices and sizes are accurate to what they'll be at the nursery itself, the quantities are where things sometimes get messed up.


3) When you find what you're looking for please call the office at 336-857-2131 or email and we'll get you a quote and if you so decide gather the plants for you!  Or if you'd prefer to come out and pick them yourself you can do that but PLEASE call ahead!  We'd hate for you to make the drive and not have what you're looking for.


That's it!

Enjoy it by clicking the link below

Phone and Email

Phone: (336) 857-2131

Email: Questions / Comments


9:00am - 5:00pm


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