NC Commercial Landscape Contractor

Make a good impression

Just because a building is for work doesn't mean it has to be ugly. Help boost sales and your perceived image with a great landscape at your facility. We've worked with countless schools, factories, churches, offices, and even cities to create great spaces for work, play, and enjoyment.

We have landscaped commercial accounts since our beginning and specialize in making a "formal but natural setting." It is more practical and less expensive than one might think to have a beautifully decorated office or workspace. Some ideas are the building of break areas, lunch patios, and sometimes even a relaxing decorative pond or stream. The addition of plants into a workspace gives employees (and employers) somewhere to take a break from the stress and also give the area a professional look to potential customers.


We also have extensive experience in the community development market. We have for many years catered to developers in planning for their communities. In addition to our landscape design service, we can design and build monuments for entrances and subdivisions (including sign logos.) We offer very competitive rates and superior knowledge and skill. See some of our examples below.