NC Licensed Irrigation Contractor

Is irrigation for you?

So you're ready to have your house landscaped and you think "How am I going to take care of all this?" A big part of plant care for the first few years after installation is keeping those newly planted trees and shrubs watered, not to mention your grass. 

Irrigation is a great way to remove a large part of your yard work. By having irrigation, you are all but guaranteed to have faster-growing and healthier plants. Though it is quite an expensive option, proper irrigation will make all the difference to a family or individual who likes to travel or can't be hindered by watering plants on those hot summer days. In addition, watered lawns are able to remain green throughout the summer while non-irrigated ones bleach out.

And to those worried about a high water bill from your utility provider don't worry! A high percentage of our irrigation systems are designed to run off of wells and/or pumps from lakes or ponds. This option however must be permissible in your area


Have a system already?

With water restrictions becoming a seasonal occurrence and water prices rising using every drop efficiently is more important than ever. We'll come and update your system to the newest technology. Have a zone that doesn't have the pressure it used to? Spray heads (especially those on well or lake systems) do wear out over time, but don't worry! For our professional staff, it's usually a simple process to replace them.



There is a right way and a wrong way to design and install irrigation systems. In keeping with Toms Creek's "Uncompromising Commitment to Quality" theme our irrigation crew takes no shortcuts. 


State of the Art

We're experienced with all the latest technologies. Two-wire systems, weather stations, solar systems, cistern systems, and new Evapo-transpiratial units. Technology is progressing quickly in the irrigation industry and it's all geared toward watering your site effectively and cheaply. In some cases, just switching to newer water-saving nozzles can save buckets of water and money.