Tree Moving

Needing a large tree?

As one of the older nurseries in NC, we have a big inventory of mature trees and shrubs. So if you need a big tree we're here to help. Or if you already have a tree or shrub but it's not in the right spot we can move it for you. Or let's say you're moving into a new house but want to take your family's heirloom maple tree, we can easily move it to your new residence.


Our largest tree spade is a 2004 Big John Model 90D. This truck mounted tree spade enables up to haul up to 12" caliper trees sometimes as high as 30' tall. The size tree we can move depends on the species of the tree, time of year, and irrigation availability after transplantation.


Seasonal Timing

Our favorite time of year to move trees is in the winter when trees are dormant, but we've had great success moving them at all times of the year. The most popular trees installed with our truck spade are magnolias, oaks, and maples. These big pieces will really help bring a landscape to life and also provide that instant shade tree that so many of us hope to have for our houses. When compared to trying to save trees during the construction of a new house our transplanted one survives much better.

Large selection of Trees on hand!

Toms Creek grows a wide variety of large plant material for our tree spades to harvest and bring to your property. We also are strong believers in saving trees that would otherwise have to be destroyed, so if you're having to remove a significant tree that we think would transplant well we'd be interested in helping.


They say you can't take it with you, but often you can. If you're moving why not take your prized Japanese maple or other tree with you? We'd be happy to help.